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Guitar Shoulder?

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Is there such a thing as guitar shoulder, sort of like Tennis elbow? I am a female, beginning guitarist using a full-size Fender acoustic. Recently, I've developed shoulder pain that radiates down to my elbow and wrist. In order to reach the strings, I am having to rest the bend of my elbow along the top edge of the guitar body, which is putting my arm up a little higher than is comfortable.

What could cause this type of pain? Poor posture while playing? Is my guitar too big for me? Or maybe it is just something that you get used to, like finger callouses?

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From what you describe, it sounds like the position of your right arm needs to change.

Can you try putting your entire forearm in front of the guitar body, so the side of the guitar is under your upper arm? That should lower your shoulder back into a normal position.

You may need to sit farther forward in your chair (or stand up) and hug the guitar tighter to your body.

I have a similar problem, but with my left shoulder. I have to remind myself to keep it down in normal position and relaxed or it gets sore.


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