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Less masculine gig-bags?

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Can any of you girls out there recommend a good looking gig bag for an acoustic? I need to cart my guitar around w/ me in the city a lot, and was hoping for something that doesn't look like sporting equipment (black, bulky, nylon/poly -- you know the ones I'm talking about -- they're everywhere!), and that also won't cost more than my guitar... Haven't found much luck google searching so thought I'd try here. Thanks! I'm starting to think I'm the only one out there who actually cares what my bag looks like...

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I hope you don't mind a guy answering :wink:

There aren't many, but they do exist.
Most are at a premium price, due to their being not the run-of-the-mill bag.
Some are custom fitted to specific instruments, so you may have to do a test fitting if your guitar isn't exactly the same.

Several of these are made by Levys, which seems to sell thru almost every music store I've been to. Your local shop should be able to get them, if you prefer not to deal with a mail order shop.

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You could get some glittery fabric paint and paint stars or flowers or whatever you want on a basic black bag.


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...or paint it pink. BRIGHT pink!!!

:D :D :D


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And of course, Daisy Rock rocks!

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I have the purple Daisy Rock gig bag, but I covered over "Daisy Rock" with an iron-on sticker thingie that just covered the "DR" logo. Looks pretty, I think! :D

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And of course, Daisy Rock rocks!

I so want the Electric Guitar Gig Bag!!