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So anyone here ever...
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So anyone here ever play while pregnant?

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When my eldest sister was pregnant with her son, I was just a small kid but I had an obsession with putting a toy that played music up to her belly. Later on, her son is now 14 and plays Alto Sax and Piano. He's in honor band playing Sax at his school so I must have been doing something right because if it hadn't been for me doing that, and me being around him when he was little, he wouldn't have been nearly as exposed to music as he has been because neither my sister nor her husband play instruments.

Playing music is good for the baby. Just be careful what type of music. My sister reported that Rap/HipHop made her son very agitated in the womb.

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I just found out about a month ago that I am pregnant with our first child. I'm due the beginning of October. :D
I have no problems now (other than being too sick to play) but I would imagine in the future trying to play my guitar could Not to mention finding time once jr gets here, lol.
Any thoughts/suggestions?

Woot! Congratulations!

You've got a tele, hon. Just raise the straps and twang ;)

Edit #2: LOL! So. . . . how are the terrible two's going for ya? (this thread's 3 years old!)

Playing guitar and never playing for others is like studying medicine and never working in a clinic.

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When i was pregnant i was't playing with any band, but at home I tried, and I found it uncomfortable. The belly on the know?. On top of that i felt sick very frecuently....and that didn't help to get in the mood for playing.

I play heavy rock-metaly stuff....I just don't see myself jumping around onstage with a big belly...hahaha. Now I play with a band but I still want to have another baby. So, I don't know how am I going to manage. Suggestions?

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