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simple songs section?

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Should GN have a simple song section?
Something like taking a song and reducing it to a very easy to play basic format like this one?
Would this make learning how to play, and sing with a song easier for the people who are just starting out.  This does not have to be a full lesson, just a place for beginners to get some easy to play songs.  
If you look up the tab on the web for this song, you will find that the chords are not the same as what Dylan plays.  Do you even care?  Would you rather have a song that gives you the just of what he playing using the simple basic open chords, that you already know, just so you can have something to practice, or is this a bad idea?  I think playing something that is not 100% perfect, is better than not playing anything at all.
This would not be meant as a lesson, but I think it would be a lot more fun to be able to practice with something easy like this.
I think it would nice to have 10-20 songs like this, and maybe some of the members could send in some songs to take the pressure off of David.   And also to add to a song, like a very simple riff, or a suggestion on strumming, (the basic song should be as simple as possible, singing and playing is hard enough).  I think this could be fun, I think most people quit playing after a few months because they cant play any songs after learning the basic chords, and this could keep them playing until they get better.  I like to see everyone say "I suck at playing the guitar until I went to the GN web site".
PS:  I would like to see a lesson on how to take a hard song and change it to a easy one.  

Just a thought- Bull

Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan:

4/4 beat

how many roads...
A    D     A
|d d d d |d d d d |
A    D     E
|d d d d |d d d d |

how many seas...
A    D     A
|d d d d |d d d d l
A    D     E
|d d d d |d d d d |

how many times...
A    D     A
|d d d d |d d d d l
A    D     E
|d d d d |d d d d |

the answer my friend...
D     E     A
|d d d d |d d d d |

[A]How many [D]roads must a   [A]man walk down before you         [A]call him a    [D]man?    [E]

[A]How many [D]seas must a    [A]white dove sail before she       [A]sleeps in the [D]sand?   [E]

[A]How many [D]times must the [A]cannonballs fly before they are  [A]forever       [D]banned? [E]

   The [D]answer, my [E]friend, is     [A]blowing in the wind,

   The [D]answer is  [E]blowing in the [A]wind.

[A]How many [D]years can a    [A]mountain exist before it is      [A]washed to the [D]sea?    [E]

[A]How many [D]years can some [A]people exist before the're       [A]allowed to be [D]free?   [E]

[A]How many [D]times can a  [A]man turn his head, pretending he [A]just doesn't  [D]see?  [E]

   The [D]answer, my [E]friend, is     [A]blowing in the wind,

   The [D]answer is  [E]blowing in the [A]wind.

[A]How many [D]times must a   [A]man look up before he can         [A]see the      [D]sky?    [E]

[A]How many [D]ears must one  [A]man have before he can            [A]hear people  [D]cry?    [E]

[A]How many [D]deaths will it [A]take 'till he knows that too many [A]people have  [D]died?   [E]

   The [D]answer, my [E]friend, is     [A]blowing in the wind,

   The [D]answer is  [E]blowing in the [A]wind.

Posted : 26/10/2003 6:14 pm
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I think it's a great idea. I think members would have to submit the songs as the David and the others are already busy enough. I like the way you posted the song as the hardest thing for a beginner is figuring out the strum pattern and when the chord changes. David does an excellent job with his songs in the begginer section, but some can still be a little difficult for an absolute beginner.

Posted : 26/10/2003 6:54 pm
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Very cool idea. I'll be more than happy to mention it in an upcoming newsletter and we'll see if that gets you any more response.

For the record, I think this is a great idea. When you set up your page, you might want to break things down like this:

Two Chord Songs

Life During Wartime - Talking Heads (Am, E)
Jane Says - Jane's Addiction (A, G)
Jambalya - Hank Williams (G, D)

Three Chord Songs

Good Things - BoDeans (E, A, B)
Cadillac Ranch - Springsteen (C, F, G)
Midnight Special - CCR (D, G, A)

Four Chord Songs

Rocky Racoon - Beatles (Am, D7, G7, C)
Sweet Jane - Lou Reed (G, D, C, Em)
Teach Your Children - CSNY (D, G, A, Bm)

This is, of course, just a suggestion. You might also want to do things by chords. You might also want to write up something (or link to my Transposing lessons) just to let people know that there are ways of playing things other than what's listed. Good Things, for example, might scare some folks off with the B chord. So if they knew that you could do the same thing - you'd write "or use Capo 2 - D, G, A" or something - using chords they felt more comfortable with, then they might be more encouraged to try it out.

As for the logistics, I'll have to talk to Paul about it. My thoughts are that the easiest thing to do would be to create an "index" page (such as my example) either here  on the forums or maybe on a specially created page and each song could link to the "text lesson," which could be on someone else's page.



Posted : 27/10/2003 2:28 pm
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I'd be willing to help with producing some of the songs for this proposed page.  I know in the cyberfret forums, this is the second most asked question, behind "Why can't I do barre chords after a week?" lol.

There's a huge list in those forums, I'll go look for.  If you are interested in any of this help  ;), let me know by PM or e-mail.

If you're enjoying it, are you still a struggling artist??
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Posted : 28/10/2003 6:27 pm
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Check out the corresponding thread over in the Beginner's Q&A Forum.;action=display;num=1067190107

The Easy Song Database:

Take part in its creation:

Posted : 28/10/2003 7:09 pm