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Start a podcast.

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Start a Guitar Noise podcast. Throw some lessons in there. Maybe a SSG song. etc.

Posted : 15/07/2005 5:42 am
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I know, I should know this, but I don't -- what's a podcast?

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Posted : 15/07/2005 1:01 pm
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The next big thing. This website will eventually have one, but I would start working on one now. Maybe it could make a top 100 list somewhere. That would be cool. :D

It's been around for the last year or so, but itunes just picked it up last month. Here's a few of links.
I use itunes to subscribe to a podcast, you don't "have" to have a ipod.
Here is a couple of podcasts to subscribe to:

Here is a guitar lesson podcast...

Posted : 15/07/2005 6:09 pm
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It's really the current big thing. It's downloadable content intended for play on an iPod (or similar) at one's convenience. Content can be anything from topical discussions to entertainment blurbs to complete media programs. "Grab and go programming" Former (and early) MTV VJ Adam Curry claims to have invented the concept.

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Posted : 15/07/2005 10:19 pm
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Podcast sounds cool for guitarnoise how about it?

Posted : 22/07/2005 8:05 pm
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Me LIKES this idea! You could do one of the GN lesson in a video podcast. Or better yet even take one of the songs from the Easy Songs Database and make a video podcast. It could be maybe a 10 minute thing. I have an iPod Video and they are AWESOME! I have downloaded a few videos of guitar instruction but they weren't all that good. I think GN could do it right!

Posted : 03/09/2006 8:07 pm