Guitar Music Theory FAQ

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We at Guitar Noise have prided ourselves over the years on being able to give guitarists and other musicians the theory they need in a painless manner. So if you want to get the easiest introduction possible to music theory or simply just brush up on the theory you already know check out the featured lessons on our Music Theory for Guitar page. This page answers many of the questions we’ve received over the years.

  • Theory can increase your ability as a player dramatically, and since it’s always a good idea to learn more, theory is another bit of knowledge to acquire. Theory can help you work with other musicians such as keyboardists, horn players, other stringed instrument players. Theory can dramatically help you form a song, understand what other people are talking about, and learn about the basic structure of music in its “theoretical” form.

    From scales, to keys, to chord construction – they all involve theory, and knowing it will help you resolve any confusion you might encounter. It also helps in communicating your music to others – mainly musicians, but yes, others.

    So the bottom line is, why not? Theory might seem hard, but didn’t another hobby that you took up and now enjoy seem hard at first?

    To get started or brush up on theory read the article Theory Without Tears and then check out our music theory for guitar page.

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