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colin rp
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Re: Showmanship...?

Try not not be critical in any way of yourself or your audience. Just be positive and share. Here is a vid of Rory Gallagher playing to a bunch of fre...

15 years ago
Re: Your favorite intro riff!!

This is a great post because you get a good into riff in your head and if your in the mood and enjoying it just feels like it's the best ever.Lately f...

16 years ago
Re: For Your Love  by  The Yardbirds

This is a great song that I've been working on too lately. I just want to draw attention to the incredible acoustic version of it done by Humble Pie ...

16 years ago
Re: A balancing act......

As someone who almost only ever browses the forums due my own priorities (My own "Balancing Act" so to speak). I have to say deal with your relations...

16 years ago
RE: guitar and harmonica

To single note on the harmonica you want to hold your mouth shape so that air does not escape into the holes next to the hole you are trying to sound....

16 years ago
RE: 10 greatest slide guitarists and their preferred tuning(s)!

Ok I mostly browse but I think can add something here.Lowell george played in open A that's g tuned up a tone.Rory Gallagher mostly g or d for acousti...

17 years ago
18 years ago
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