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RE: after the goldrush

I had the same problem, with hammer on's and pull-offs. For the hammer on's, the notes sounded louder when I hit the strings exactly in the middle, be...

17 years ago
RE: neil young prairie wind guitar tabs

Have a look at: Search for the Album "Prairie Wind" to find all songs of Neil's new Album. Hope this helps.

18 years ago
RE: old man request(greendale version)

I just listened to Old Man of his Oslo and Bergen show of the Accoustic Greendale Tour 2004. His guitar is downtuned a whole tone. Maybe his voice doe...

18 years ago
RE: translation please, from German I think...

In my opinion, HTS stands for "Halb-Ton-Stufe", which means that you should downtune your guitar half a tone or step.

19 years ago