Reeves Gabrels – Rockonica

The first time I ever heard of Reeves Gabrels was with Tin Machine. He then escaped my attention until David Bowie’s Earthling, certainly one of Bowie’s best and most original albums, light years away from what anyone else is doing. Gabrels was co-producer with Bowie himself.

In light of all this, one can only expect something quite different and non-mainstream from Gabrels. Rockonica certainly delivers.

Certainly not as weird as Bowie’s Earthling and not as power-driven as Tin Machine and not even somewhere in-between. You recognize Gabrels’ style in the sound, but that’s about it.

Short songs (Sign From God 3:17, 13th Hour 2:27), long songs (Long Day 8:33, Anywhere (She Is) 10:30) and stuff somewhere in-between, Rockonica has something for everyone, but mostly everything for everyone.

It is strange in it’s interpretation, which of course, although out to lunch is extremely brilliant, yet incredibly well-written and well-built songs. This is what you get when you put talented people to work. Of course you won’t hear this on the radio, but who cares? Most people would find it too strange to bother listening to, but it’s their loss.

Take the time and enjoy it time after time!