About Arjen Schippers

I'm Arjen Schippers, live in Apeldoorn, Holland, and have been playing guitar since, IIRC, early july of this year. Didn't have any specific music education before, and am not able to get real-life guitar lessons, so I rely on sites like GN to learn anything at all. Sometimes a bit tough, but as the Wise People say 'practice makes perfect'. So I have plenty of practicing to do...


This first lesson on improvisation introduces the form of the twelve bar blues, the minor pentatonic scale and the blues scale. There are exercises and even some MIDI backing tracks that you can practice along with!

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Love Is All Around – R.E.M.

Video thumbnail for youtube video Love Is All Around - R.E.M. - Guitar Noise

This lesson is based on R.E.M.’s acoustic cover of The Troggs’ classic “Love Is All Around”, recorded in 1991 and released as the B-side to “Radio Song,”

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