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Chord Charts

Here are chord charts for most of the chords you’ll come across when playing guitar. First, the most common open-position chords:

Major Chords

A chordC chordD chordE chordF chordG chord

Minor Chords

Am chordBm chordCm chordDm chordEm chordFm chordGm chord

Seventh Chords

A7 chordB7 chordC7 chordD7 chordE7 chordG7 chord

Minor Seventh Chords

Am7 chordBm7 chordDm7 chordEm7 chordFm7 chordGm7 chord

Major Seventh Chords

Amaj7 chordCmaj7 chordDmaj7 chordEmaj7 chordFmaj7 chordGmaj7 chord

Suspended Four Chords

Asus4 chordDsus4 chordEus4 chordGsus4 chord

Suspended Two Chords

Asus2 chordDsus2 chord

Add 9 Chords

Cadd9 chordGadd9 chord