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About Guitar Noise


A big anniversary is coming up. In 2024 Guitar Noise will be turning 25!

This site started out as The Online Guitar College. I built it from scratch on a school account. It was just a hobby that combined my love of guitars with a new found interest in making websites.


By 1999 the site had grown beyond my expectations and I renamed it Guitar Noise. A few more years of work and this labor of love was my new full time job.

It’s pretty exciting to think that Guitar Noise has been around for a quarter of a century.

One thing that’s been pretty consistent over years is that Guitar Noise visitors haven’t changed much. Their love of music and guitars is inspiring. The problems they face trying to get better at guitar are still the same. Anyone can learn guitar, but to get really good at guitar they face an ever changing and elusive target.

For a little while now I’ve been working on something special.

What if there were a handbook for getting good at guitar? One that lays out a step by step route to getting past the late beginner/early intermediate plateau. What things do you need to know? What should you be practicing every day?

Learning to play guitar can be frustrating. Especially if you’ve been pretty successful at other things in life. I feel that most people looking for lessons online aren’t afraid of hard work. They just need a clearer path showing them where to focus their time and attention.

Later this year I will be sharing more information about a new course. Tentatively called “From Beginner to Intermediate” it is absolutely the best guitar course I’ve worked on. It contains everything I wish someone had told me when I was sitting at the edge of my bed holding my very first guitar.

It’s going to be great!

Paul Hackett