Billie Joyce – Love Tone

Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, Billie Joyce started singing when she was 5 and started touring across Canada and the US by age 17.

She took a break from the music scene and settled in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where she worked as a prison guard in a maximum security penitentiary for men. But, as any true artist, music called her again.

She resettled in Nashville and restarted her career from there. This album is comprised of music that had been bottled up for years.

The first thing you notice (after the pictures that is) is her voice. Billie has what I call a superb voice. None of those high-Celine Dion-type notes. Billie’s voice is rich and soulful, absolute beauty.

As for the music, this album is bound to attract attention with its various moods going from country-rock to blues-rock. From gorgeous ballads like Surrender to the very bluesy Find it in Yourself to the charged-up Love Alarm, this album has a bit of everything. The musicians on the album are her touring band. Speaking of which, she will be doing a few openers in Europe in the near future.

Also worth noting is the production work done by one of my compatriots, Gilles Goddard, a man who has done a lot in the business and knows his way around a studio.

The packaging, done by Lee Ann Burgess, is very well done and contains tasteful, and very eye-pleasing, photography and certainly worth a look or two.

After a few listens, I took the time to call Billie and can tell you that her music definitely represents the person she is. A lovely lady, doing the work the way it should be done.

Love Tone is definitely well-put together, starting with great songs with lyrics from a woman’s point of view. I highly recommend it.