Vanden Plas

Beyond Daylight

In the category of Heavy Metal Progressive bands, Vanden Plas hold a place which is a step or two above most. This is top-quality music from a tight band of people who obviously are enjoying themselves very much.

About “Beyond Daylight”, I can not say enough. I have been listening to this album almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. It draws you in from the very first bars and takes you along fluently on its musical journey.

From heavier pieces like “Phoenix”, to the smoother “Can You Hear Me”, it’s an album which goes beyond the run-of-the-mill Progressive Metal album.

“Beyond Daylight” itself, the best song on the album, takes you through its own musical journey, in many directions, at many speeds. It’s built like a symphony, musically exploring a range of emotions which are beautifully highlighted by intelligent, well-done vocals.

I could go on and on talking all day about this album, without ever being able to convey its intense beauty. All I can say is: buy it!

Colour Temple (Special Edition)

This North American re-edition of Vanden Plas’ Colour Temple is certainly a pleasant offering. This edition includes a bonus second disc, calle AcCult.

The first disc is Vanden Plas at their absolute best or, as always. They are definitely one of the finer bands to have emerged over the past years. Vanden Plas’ music is considered Progressive Metal, but I find that they lurk much more on the side of Progressive than of Metal. Although I have to say their music certainly kicks ass.

I found most of my attention drawn toward the second disc which is so interesting. It contains alternate, smoother versions of My Crying and Days of Thunder. Also of interest are their versions of Marillion’s Pseudo Silk Kimono and Kayleigh.

Another interesting cover is Georgia on My Mind certainly not a piece you would expect this band to cover.

But the one I piece I find most interesting is Des hauts, des bas. Again a song which is completely out of format for this band, and it is in French, and good French too. The bonus disc certainly never stops surprising.

If you’re looking for a new band that will catch all your attention and surprise you while keeping you always interested and wanting more, Vanden Plas is that band.