Songwriting Lessons for Beginners

In out songwriting lessons you can learn about song structures, chord progressions, and writing lyrics. These lessons collect all the tips and advice we've written about songwriting. Practice writing by participating in the Sunday Songwriter's Group on the forums.

You're in good hands at Guitar Noise - our lead editor, David Hodge, co-wrote The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Art of Songwriting.

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Writing songs may not be something that can be taught, but it is something that you can learn. This page features some of the advice we’ve given songwriters over the years.

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Knowing how songs are structured can help you with learning songs and with communicating with other musicians. Here’s a brief run down of the basic parts of songs.

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The melody of a song is what we carry around in our heads. Along with harmony and rhythm, melody is one of the three essential elements of any song.

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Let’s offer a warm “welcome back” to Nick, who brings us a look at the interlocking relationship of three important creative aspects of musicianship – improvising, composing and transcribing – and how you can use them to move up from being someone who just dabbles with the guitar to a serious musician.

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For many guitarists, playing and songwriting go hand in hand. Since both skills improve with practice, why not try practicing on both simultaneously?

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To answer your question, if you are twenty-six you have plenty of opportunity to make it. Then again you will always have opportunity to make it. However, you will need to better define “make it”. There are many questions you need to ask yourself. Do you just want to play as your sole means of financial security? Would you consider […]

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Guitar Noise is pleased to introduce you to Dave Sanderson, songwriter, musician and jingle writer for the BBC. Dave is kind enough to share some of his experience and insight with us on the subject of writing a successful jingle for radio promotions.

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If you go to any major art museum, chances are likely you’ll see a student or two dutifully attempting to copy an old master. This is one way that people learn to become great artists themselves. And since songwriting is an art, why can’t this idea apply to songwriters as well? A-J shows us that it certainly can be a way to improve your own writing or to at least help you get out of a rut.

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