How to Teach Guitar to Others

Guitar TeacherTeaching guitar to beginners and kids is a wonderful way of sharing what you have learned about music. We are thrilled to give you all the help we can on the topic of Teaching Guitar to Others.

You may have already thought about teaching guitar, but thought you might not be qualified. Reading through these lessons will dispel a lot of the myths about what it takes to teach guitar. We are, first and foremost, a website dedicated to teaching people all over the world the wonders of making music with the guitar, we are happy to help you share what you have learned about guitar here.

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If you are like most guitar teachers, you’re struggling to earn enough money teaching guitar. I want to show you why teachers have a hard time making money.

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Alan has been teaching guitar full-time for two years now. In his latest blog post he reveals more about what he has learned in that time.

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Longtime Guitar Noise contributor and Forum Moderator Alan Green continues his column about how to go about becoming a guitar teacher. While his narrative deals with the nuances of teaching guitar in England, there is still plenty of help for those of us living outside the British Isles!

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The first time Alan went looking for students he had to wait eight months for the first one to call. Recently he took a less casual approach to finding work.

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Guitar Teacher and Student

Many people ask this question for different reasons; some may be looking for fulfillment, some may be looking for a job, and hopefully many are doing both.

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The author of The Musician’s Way describes 7 strategies that enhance student-teacher communication and boost the benefits of music lessons.

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If you want to teach guitar, then it’s critically important to know what the most important steps are to becoming the best teacher you can be. Tom Hess outlines five important things you should learn about how to teach guitar.

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Sometimes the desire to fix every problem a student may have all at once may cause even more problems. Tom Hess describes how to break down a bad habit so that both teacher and student can tackle it in easy, manageable steps.

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