How To Get Better At Guitar in 2024


Many people want to learn how to play guitar or get better at it, and every New Year they make plans to do it! Some succeed but let’s face it, too many people drop off and find themselves unable to play by the Summer campfire. Instead of making goals to be a better musician you can just start with a few tips to get you going. Here are 10 pointers on how to get better at guitar in 2024.

Try New Rhythms and Strums

Look up some new pickings, fingerings, and various styles to play, if you like metal look into rocksteady strums. If your genre is Americana chord progressions then investigate crazy progressive time signatures. Try things that are out of pocket whether you like it or not, especially if you are a seasoned player it is time to switch it up with new fingerings or rhythms.

Use Backing Drum Tracks and Record Yourself

One way to learn rhythms is to play drum machines or other backing tracks and explore new ideas. These will help in the same manner as a metronome in that your timing will improve. Also be sure to play various sections and measures like 8 and 12 so you get away from repeating the same riff or chord progression. Record yourself playing along with drums and see what needs fixed in your playing, basically make mini songs!

Actively Listen to Music and Copy It

Besides writing your own songs, listen to others and copy what they do and try to figure out as much as possible by ear. In the old days musicians did not have blogs, books, and even records, for most of time it has all been done by listening. The best musicians have great ear training and fantastic creativity because they have a large base of knowledge to draw on.

Learn to Play Other Instruments

Even if you are a beginner at guitar you can still benefit from playing other instruments, and this doesn’t mean buying expensive gear. There are plenty of piano and synth apps, budget ukuleles, and used markets to help you find something else. The important part is to tie that to the guitar, music is a big picture topic so the more you understand about how it is played on all instruments the better you will be.

Learn to Read Music

This is almost a lost skill and will not only help improve your guitar playing but may allow you to find freelance work! A lot of music theory is minimum and guitarists avoid playing sheet music. It is a helpful ability even if you do not advance that far, just knowing the basic treble clef and how to play from that will give you a better idea of notes and where they are on the fingerboard.

Play Music With Others

Another past time that is not easy to find these days, but it is a better and more intensive ear training. If you find friendly people to play with, they may show you their instruments and give you an idea of the guitar’s part in relation. And of course playing with other guitarists is a great time to pay attention to what they do, most will be kind enough to show you! Playing music with others is also perfect for igniting creative ideas, as a good band can come up with amazing music!

Find Songs Just Above Your Level

As you are playing new songs that you hear or are introduced to keep track of the ones just above your level. The kind of songs or compositions that get your attention and make you say “I want to play that!” Learn those songs inside and out and dissect them for their chords, scales, modes, and notes. If you pick a hard enough song it will not be an easy process and you will have to devote more than one practice to it. Keep exercising your brain and muscle memory.

Find The Right Lessons

Not everybody can learn to play guitar on their own, some players just need the right instructor or perhaps a push to get them motivated. There are many methods of lessons including online guitar lessons like these. The key is to find a program that suits your needs. If you have the gear and want to know how to use it, it may just take an experienced teacher to show you!

Have More Boring Practice

This one is not as fun but one thing that many people lack is straightforward and boring practice. While learning new guitar techniques and songs is always more engaging, sometimes you need a metronome slowly ticking while you play basic scales and arpeggios. Whether you want to shred or play melodically along the fretboard it is essential to do your share of repetitive and tiring practice, just try to mix it in with the more enjoyable parts!

Just Play Guitar

Sometimes people over think the concept of playing the guitar, it becomes too much of a fantasy and then they never stick with it. So instead of worrying about playing amazing riffs or shredding through licks, just do what you can, as often as possible. If you can only play 3 chords right now, that is OK, keep at it. If barre chords, soloing, slides, bends, or more is too hard than just play what is easiest. The key is to keep going as the guitarists that have succeeded didn’t just fall into talent, it takes more than a year!

If you want to get better at guitar in the year 2024 the best thing to do is try playing new genres, styles, rhythms, and actively training your ears. Seek out difficult music theory concepts and try to find other musicians to play with, and the more you get out there the better your confidence will get. And most of all remember that to get better at the guitar it needs to be played all the time, so take this moment to get started at anything. Just play guitar!