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Idiot's Guide Guitar TheoryIdiot’s Guides: Guitar Theory

by David Hodge

Idiot’s Guides: Guitar Theory is music theory for guitar and other fretboard instruments. Beginning with very simple and clear explanations, the book defines notes, their names, relationships, and guitar tablature and then explains rhythm, keeping time, and strumming. The book then goes into depth on the major scale and the four basic chords, to make guitar theory very clear and keep it easy, before going into all the chords and scales. The last part of the book covers playing solo and with others.

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Music theory is often considered to be one of the most difficult subjects to learn. Idiot’s Guides: Guitar Theory breaks down music theory for guitar and other fretboard instruments in very simple and easy-to-understand lessons. Content includes everything a budding musician needs to know about notes, guitar tablature, rhythm, chords and scales, and more.

  • All of the music in the book is available online.
  • Bonus online content features more than an hour of “listen and follow along” music.

Since joining Guitar Noise in November 1999, David has written over a thousand articles, lessons, interviews and reviews. He also serves as the site’s Managing Editor, supervising all content in addition to the continued writing of his own lessons and articles. In April 2013, David joined the writing staff of, heading up their Guitar Pages. And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, David contributes to regularly Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He is also the author of seven instructional books, including Idiot’s Guide: Playing Guitar.

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