Bass Player FAQ

Electric bass guitar

Bass guitar players are often perceived to be less important than the vocalist, drummer, and lead guitarist. In reality, a bass player has to have an entirely different attitude about the music. A bass player doesn’t have to be flashy or loud, but a band won’t survive long with a weak bass. Don’t miss all our complete series of lessons called Bass for Beginners.

  • The problem with starting with the bass is that it is not a very good instrument to play by yourself. Many bassists I know started because their band needed a bass player. Most would never go back. Since you love lots of music, and I assume you sing, I think you would get more pleasure from the guitar (or piano). However, you can play more than one instrument, it just takes a little more effort (and money).

    On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with starting on the bass (or flute or violin), and it is pretty easy to become a solid beginner in a short time. And it is satisfying to make those warm tones and low growls.

    So make your choice according to what your goals are. Either way – you win!

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