What are some brands I should look for?

Many “no-name” brands are actually, generally speaking, good. A “no-name” brand is a brand that has no brand marking or simply a brand that isn’t “famous”.

Then, there are also the famous companies, and there are many to take a look at. Of course you should be the one determining which brand and model is best for your next purchase, but we understand that you might need some guidance. We will list some of the major brands to look for; this will include all major brands, and all types of guitars.

  • Gibson
  • Epiphone
  • Squier
  • Fender
  • Ibanez
  • Jackson
  • Seagull
  • Ovation
  • Martin
  • Taylor
  • Guild
  • Larrivee
  • Washburn
  • Breedlove
  • Gretsch
  • Alveraz
  • B.C Rich
  • Briane Moore
  • Carvin
  • Danalectro
  • ESP
  • Fernandes
  • G&L
  • Godin
  • Hamer
  • Heritage
  • Parker
  • Schecter
  • Steinberger

Of course, this list may seem quite long, but heading to a store and checking what guitars they have in these brands might give you some guidance. However, it is important to play as many guitars as you can or that are in your budget. That way you get to play everything that may be the best for you.

There is a lot of information on Guitar Noise regarding this topic. An entire section on how to buy equipment has more than a months worth of articles. You should definitely browse through those articles if you are not sure about what to buy.