Blue (real name Cathi Pearce) is a self-confessed instrument addict, and having taken a long break from the recorder and flute of her childhood, suddenly got the music bug again several years ago. A celtic harp was shortly followed by mandolin, fiddle, lyre and piano, all of which she has learnt to play with varying degrees of success, not to mention the numerous guitars now taking over the house. Finding a teacher has helped her guitar skills improve in leaps and bounds, and she can usually be found working on her latest classical piece in between breaking off for some 12 bar blues or nifty fingerstyle tomfoolery. Still very much a beginner, Blue's main difficulty is narrowing down her choice of what to play next, with a whole world of music out there for the asking. Her current challenge is getting the hang of the new 12 string guitar that arrived several weeks back. Blue lives in the UK with her concertina-playing fiance Forest and a housefull of musical things.

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