An important message from

Hi all, Nick here.

As David would say, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.”

Here it goes:

On July 16th David Hodge suffered a stroke…and he needs your help.

David has extreme weakness and loss of dexterity on his right side, (the positive here is he’s a lefty). He’s experiencing some aphasia, but I chatted with him on the phone this week and apart from being at a loss for words once or twice, he seemed just like David. He’s kicking butt at rehab and walked a couple of hundred yards with a walker. I told him “screw the walker man, I just need you to get back to playing guitar and singing harmony.” At which he laughed, and if you’ve ever heard him laugh, you’ll know it’s a joyous sound. He’s playing uke, because it’s easier to hold, but thinks his right hand is only about 10% of what it was, which translates into 100% better than mine on a normal day. This lack of right hand dexterity frustrated him no end, but he’s working on it.

As a doctor friend of mine said, “the first step in recovery from a stroke is surviving the damn thing”. Well he did that, now it’s hard work from him and support from us.

David won’t be teaching or writing for a while, and that translates into lost income. It’s time to repay his never ending generosity with some of our own. Answer these questions for me:

Q: Have you learned a lesson’s worth of guitar playing info from David?

A: Umm, for me maybe everything I know about playing guitar. Between the Idiot’s Guide books and Guitarnoise? Let’s see, a billion lessons learned, times $50 a lesson. Yeah, I don’t have that much, but I could donate for a couple of them. I’ll have to owe him the rest.

Q: Would you give up your Starbucks for a week to help him?

A: Yeah, it’s kind of bitter anyway, I can brew mine at home or work. That’s $25 if I did.

Q: Would you like to see him back on his feet and writing more articles for guitarnoise?

A: Yes, I would. Kind of self serving I know. That’s priceless.

The best is yet to come for David. If karma really does come around, then David will want for nothing. He’s the kindest, most generous, encouraging, warmest person I know. Please donate whatever you can. Every penny will be appreciated.

And if you’re up in Western Massachusetts this Saturday, we’ll be playing a benefit for him at Dewey Hall in Sheffield. Stop in and say hello.



For a staggering list of what David has written for guitarnoise click here: