Delp and Goudreau

Delp and Goudreau? Ring a bell? It should. Remember a little old seventies band called Boston? Brad Delp was the vocalist and Barry Goudreau the guitarist.

And here they are on a new CD, self-released. And what do you get from a Delp and Goudreau CD? Nothing less than the greatest album Boston never made.

Obviously, it does sound like Boston, but it’s also different. Sort of the best of two worlds. A more mature sound than Boston, but with all the fun still in it. That voice that defies time and still sounds as great as ever, and those incredible Goudreau riffs.

This album sounds to me like the guys decided they were simply out to make a good album without trying to please anyone but themselves. Which is a good thing as the result is great! But it’s not just an album for the run of the mill Boston fan, this will please everyone.

It’s been a long wait, but then again, we’re used to waiting after these guys, but one is never disappointed with the results.