Duncan Ferguson

Monday Morning Blues

I said I hoped to hear more from this Highlander and he has delivered magnificently!

Duncan’s newest album is once again a treasure, a beautiful blend of traditional Scottish music and modern day rock. The Highlander composes brilliantly, and this time around performs only his own material. And while I must say, on his previous effort the traditional songs were beautifully rendered, it’s obvious that Duncan Ferguson is much too talented to keep performing other material than his own. There’s not a weak song on this album and, like its predecessor, it leaves you with the feeling that it’s too short.

But if you really miss the traditional songs, Duncan will make you believe that some of these songs are traditional. Tracks like Patrick and Daddy Sold Me should be traditional.

For a taste of something definitely different and better than most of the music out there, get a hold of this album!


Scotland must be smiling thanks to Duncan Ferguson. Personally, I find that the buzz, these last years, around Celtic music has been so big that it’s almost become tiresome. Luckily, every once in a while, a guy like this comes up with a great album and a different way of doing it.

It has the old Celtic sounds, but sounds overall like very modern music. And Ferguson’s originals blend in so well with the traditional songs he’s included (Loch Lommond, Fryvie O, Twa Recruitin’ Sergeants and Ye Jacobites by Name) that you can’t tell which are originals and which are traditionals. Except maybe for Highland Lassie which reminds me, from the very first note, of what a certain Chris de Burgh used to do so many years ago.

His voice is also filled with that peculiar quality which takes you back in time. And I love the accent!

Overall, a splendid effort. I hope to hear a lot more from Duncan Ferguson in the future.