Happy The Man – The Muse Awakens

Started in 1972, Happy the Man lived on for seven years before the guys parted ways, with only two albums under their belt. However, they had a cult following which has somehow forced the guys to return with a brand new album.

Mainly an instrumental album, it still has vocals in the powerful Shadowlites. The album is a bit of a joyride. Progressive, Jazz and more.

Sleek production, never overdone, the album takes the listener through various landscapes; never a dull moment.

Although I do think the album is a bit too Jazz at times. Or maybe too jazz influenced for my liking, but it’s not as though I can’t get through those moments. Still, it is a bit bugging at times.

I do recommend it to people who are into jazz or jazz-influenced music; for others, I can only say that the songs are still very good, but you might tend to get a little annoyed a few times.