Mambo Sons – Racket of Three

I wouldn’t be surprised if this independent CD turned out to be this year’s sleeper, then end up mainstream in 2007.

I must say, the Mambo Sons are not what I expected. I’m happy to report that they are much better than that. This is a band that is dedicated to writing good songs that hook the listener. It also appears that the material is somewhat written around guitarist, Tom Guerra. Though it is basically rock and roll that the Sons play there are other areas that they touch on and many journeys Guerra can take you with his multitude of stylish rhythms and influences.

Racket of Three opens with a great catchy tune called Play Some Rock & Roll (She’s Comin’ Over) to get you going. It’s kind of reminiscent of a Black Crows meets Billy Joel. This pretty well sets the tone for the CD.

Before putting Mambo Sons in my player, I had just gotten done listening to a bunch of progressive instrumental music -of which I happen to enjoy but my wife calls torture. When the Mambo Sons were jamming through my speakers, my wife had a smile on her face almost the entire time. When the CD was over -I was still waiting for the next song. So I must have really enjoyed the CD as well.

Heck, just looking at these guys on their CD cover -they seem like they are some fun loving happy guys and it reflects through their songs. The first half of the CD is good and the second half -even better. Other songs I think are very strong are You Broke My Mind, Mr. Rebound, Been Out of Touch, and Safe With Me.

I would highly recommend this CD to fans of good old rock and roll and if you get the chance to see the Mambo Sons live -I hear they are a blast. So don’t miss out.