Metamorphosis – Then All Was Silent

This is a very interesting album. It ranges across various epochs of Progressive Rock. At first, one hears a lot of the keyboard styles that made Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream famous. One expects an album which will be heavily based on seventies Prog.

But that’s not quite the case. With less keyboards, the style is quite current and familiar to early Arena (around the days of The Voyager). Then both genres are blended together for very interesting results.

A bit of old and a bit of new, the synths recalling days of old while the rest reminding you that this isn’t 1977. Most interesting.

I have to admit that it’s a bit disconcerting on the first listen, as you tend to pay a lot of attention to those keyboards, but you tend to listen more to the rest upon second listen and discover a whole range of new and interesting influences and sounds.

Definitely a very good album. Well done overall and well-balanced. A great effort which should lead to grander things.