Patrick Moraz – Resonance

Patrick Moraz has always been my favorite keyboard player. There’s something so beautiful about his playing and his composing. It’s been said many times that if Beethoven were alive today, he would be Patrick Moraz. I feel that’s an understatement.

Moraz was on Yes’ best album, Relayer, he played with the Moody Blues, Refugee (in a sense, replacing Keith Emerson in this revamped version of the Nice) and many more. He even had a track from his first solo album, The Story of I, which was featured in the original Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy radio series.

Lately, Moraz has been leaving the synths behind to replace them with a single piano. It may sound strange at first glimpse, but when you hear the results…

Moraz proves once again that he’s the greatest. This album is incredibly beautiful and absolutely flawless. This is the way music is meant to sound. Saying that Moraz is a musical genius does not begin to describe the man’s talent.

Compared to some musicians, such as Rick Wakeman, Moraz’ playing is not just about technique, it’s about emotions. About layering ideas and feelings. There’s colour and great beauty in the man’s music.

If you thought you knew Moraz from Yes, or the Moody Blues, you haven’t heard anything yet.