Planet X – Moon Babies

Here is the recipe to great music:

Start with a fabulous keyboard player. For that, we’ll use a guy who used to play with Dream Theatre: Derek Sherinian. Add someone who will give him a run for his money. Let’s say, the incredible Tony MacAlpine. Then, add a drummer who can hold everything together. Virgil Donati, for instance.

For seasoning, we add Tom Kennedy, Jimmy Johnson and also Billy Sheehan on bass.

To make it all that much better, add Simon Phillips as producer.

Could anything possibly go wrong?

Of course, the answer is no. Moon Babies is Planet X’s second studio album. The sound is simply incredible. This band is a musician’s dream. Here are some of the best musicians around just having the time of their lives.

And contrary to so many other bands like this, these guys don’t get lost in endless demonstrations of technique: the songs are great. And the performance is mind-blowing.

I especially enjoyed the track Micronesia, which has some beautiful keyboard work by Sherinian. But overall, each song has its own sound and the album is great from start to finish. Definitely an experience to savour!