Scott Holt – Angels In Exile

At the age of 19, after hearing Jimi Hendrix for the very first time, Scott Hold started playing guitar, and soon found the blues. A year later, after seeing legendary bluesman Buddy Guy, his life was forever changed. A friendship developed between Guy and Holt. At 23, Scott joined the Buddy Guy Band. He also played with such artists as Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana.

For his first solo effort, Scott Holt went bigtime. Special guests include Paul Arrere and Billy Payne of Little Feat and is produced by Greg Hampton (Eric Clapton, Kim Simmonds).

The sound is a mix of several styles. Although Blues, it also has a nice, hard, rock edge to it. Great riffs and great vocals. Something for everyone, I’d say.

Angels in Exile certainly has the potential of a big hit. It’s sellable, but not pop. Up in Flames is probably the less blues song on the album, but it is, nevertheless, one of the best.

As for the guitar work: Superb! I’m sure Scott’s will be mentioned in the same phrase as Hendrix, Clapton and Howe before long.

Looking forward to a follow-up!