Shadow Gallery – Legacy

A very interesting sound from a very interesting band. The best way to describe the sound of Shadow Gallery is to say that it’s essentially a cross between classical-Genesis and Yngwie Malmsteen. At times, the sound is very melodious, at others, it has a nice, hard edge which reminds one of what Metallica are doing these days. But I wouldn’t say that Shadow Gallery were inspired by Metallica, rather, the other-way around.

It’s interesting to note that they can be melodious and heavy in the same song, often at the same time.

The first song, Cliffhanger 2, is a follow up to Cliffhanger, from their 1995 CD, Carved in Stone. It doesn’t really matter if you haven’t heard it, you’ll want to own it once you’ve heard this album.

As for the production… Incredible! Flawlessly done. Vocals which sound like choirs, accomplished musicians. Superbly-written songs.

The album ends on its most beautiful song, First Light, of the distinct duration of 34 minutes and 18 seconds! Yet it just breezes by. An album you’ll want to listen to, without skipping any songs, again and again.