Finding Clyde – “Thoughts of You” from the CD “Sacrifice It All”

Essexville, Michigan probably isn’t on your list of inspirational rock meccas. Most small towns in the middle of the Midwest (or in the middle of anywhere actually) fall beneath everyone’s radar except those folks who live there.

But more often than not, that’s where rock music comes from – the lives and dreams of those growing up in those small towns all across the world. Finding Clyde, from the aforementioned town of Essexville, is one of those rising rock voices that is rippling through the sonic landscape. The hard rocking yet still melodic band has shared the stage with the likes of Slash, Stone Temple Pilots and 3 Doors Down and is currently touring to promote their latest album Sacrifice It All.

Finding Clyde’s formula is rock at its most basic – overdriven chords pounding out the rhythm backed by a solid bass and drum duo while strong lead vocals carry melodies that you’ll find in your head for hours after hearing the songs. Add in a smart and sparse lead guitar work that fits and accentuates the mood of each tune and you’ve got some very good music.

Here’s my favorite cut from the CD – the final power ballad, “Thoughts of You:”

Finding Clyde is currently touring through parts of Texas. Catch them if you can!

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