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Strap Graphics

Do you have a strap for every guitar you own?

For most players with only one or two guitars, the answer is probably yes. When you start developing a more serious habit and own four or more guitars, you’ll probably start running out of straps to wear. After your guitar and maybe amp, your guitar strap is the most visible accessory on display. It says a lot about your personality.

Most straps you find in a music store don’t have much to say. They hang on a rack almost as an afterthought, like a belt you can wear with any pair of pants. But if you’re willing to put a little thought into this essential accessory, you can get a genuinely groovy custom strap made to order.

Enter Strap Graphics [link], a maker of custom leather guitar straps. You can create your own custom strap with their online tool or upload a design in Photoshop or Illustrator. Strap Graphics uses a proprietary digital process to customize straps to your exact vision.

Leather Guitar Straps

As a long-time guitar player, I’ve tried custom guitar picks from different manufacturers. They’re nice, but like all picks, they get lost or tossed. A guitar strap, on the other hand, should last forever. When I started looking at Strap Graphics, I wondered if the finished work would turn out as nice as promised. Could it be as simple as uploading my artwork and getting a strap unlike anything anyone has ever seen delivered a few days later?

This is one of those times when the result is better than expected. This is fantastic news because a guitar strap isn’t just something you hold in your hand—it’s something you wear. The workmanship should be stellar if you want something that will last as long as the instrument it goes with.

So, what makes Strap Graphics better than the classic hand-me-down straps you inherit with second-hand guitars?

Based in Portland, Oregon, Strap Graphics sources all the leather domestically for 100% US-made straps. The result is high-quality straps that don’t feel like they came off a mass-production assembly line. There is craftsmanship at work here, and it’s what you’d expect from a company that has been making straps this way since 2008.

Each strap features edge-to-edge customization. You’re not getting a customizable area of the strap. Your design will be printed exactly as submitted on quality leather that won’t fade or crack even after years of use. The 3.5-inch bonded suede leather strap I received from Strap Graphics is gorgeous. Quality leather like this will surely only feel more comfortable the longer I wear it.

Polyester webbing straps are also available if you prefer a material other than leather. The standard straps are fully adjustable, but you can request something longer or shorter if you have specific requirements.

The hardest part of working with Strap Graphics for me was choosing a design. Uploading your custom artwork to the site is straightforward. You can play around with the nifty online design tool and create your own artwork right on the site. The page gives you a real sense of what the finished strap will look like. There’s also an AI image tool. Enter a few random words, and you’ll get some pretty weird and inspirational results. How crazy or traditional you want to be is up to you.

If you lack design skills, Strap Graphics will work with you to help you achieve your dream strap.

If you’re one of the rare people who already owns more than enough straps, or you don’t even play guitar, these make awesome gifts.

Nate DeHart runs and would be happy to hear from you. This review does not contain affiliate links. I just really dig what Nate and Strap Graphics are doing.