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Learn how to play acoustic or electric guitar. You'll find we have everything and anything to do with guitar, for beginners and experts alike. We've even got stuff for bass players, 12 string guitars, banjo pickers, ukulele lovers and all of you beautiful misunderstood lefties too.

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Strum Guitar Like a Pro

Guitar Practice Tips

Van Morrison Live

This single-guitar arrangement of Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” explores using arpeggios and open string chord voicings to create a fitting accompaniment to this wonderful song.

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Joni Mitchell

Here is an easy fingerstyle arrangement of Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game,” done in open G tuning. As always, we’ll walk you through it step by step.

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Ventura Highway

This single-guitar arrangement of America’s “Ventura Highway” focuses on strumming but also adds little fills to give it a similar style to the original recording.

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Billie Joe Armstrong

Here’s a single guitar arrangement of Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” from their album American Idiot, that is both simple to play and manages to keep the flavor of the original recording.

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Jingle Bells

This simple single-guitar arrangement of “Jingle Bells” features basic open chord shapes and a fun walking bass line.

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Sting If On A Winter's Night

Explore open D tuning with this easy arrangement of the traditional English Christmas carol “I Saw Three Ships.”

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Guitar Fretboard

Knowing where, exactly, all the notes are on your guitar’s fretboard will ultimately make you a more creative guitar player.

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Video thumbnail for youtube video How To Make A Great Guitar Solo - Guitar Noise

If you are like most guitar teachers, you’re struggling to earn enough money teaching guitar. I want to show you why teachers have a hard time making money.

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