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Vic Lewis

About Vic Lewis

Vic Lewis is 53 years old, and music has been his all-consuming passion since the early days of the Beatles. He’s played guitar for over 30 years – on and off – but only started to learn seriously a few years back. He’s been writing songs almost as long, has been a regular contributor to the Sunday Songwriters Group (the SSG) at Guitar Noise for the last six years or so, and has set the topics for years 7 & 8. Vic plays mostly rhythm guitar, with a little lead and slide, bass guitar and harmonica and noodles around on a keyboard, and when not playing or writing music can probably be found listening to classic rock or oldies from the 60′s 70′s and 80′s. Vic can usually be found behind a Fender Telecaster or a good book, or around the Guitar Noise Forums. Some of his own songs, and a couple of covers can be found here.

Posts by Vic Lewis: