KraftGeek Music Stand


Never underestimate the benefit that high-quality equipment can have on your guitar playing. Focusing on your practice routine is easier when you have the right tools for the job. Sooner or later, a serious guitar player will need a music stand. They can be bought cheaply online, but you won’t know you need a high-quality music stand until you’ve used one.

I’ve been practicing guitar (and drums!) for the past few months with the KraftGeek Music Stand. As far as music stands go, this state-of-the-art portable stand feels like something from the future. In all the years I’ve played music, I can’t recall any innovation in the world of music stands. This isn’t just the stand I wanted but also the stand I needed.

KraftGeek’s first music stand came about thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign last summer. It started appearing on more people’s radars this year after the KraftGeek team took their showpiece to the 2024 NAMM convention for music manufacturers. KraftGeek has designed and manufactured tripods and selfie sticks for years, but this was their first entry into the world of music stands. Amazingly, the first-time NAMM participants received the honour of “Best in Show.” (You can see the event replay here.)

The origin story behind KraftGeek’s first music stand is that one of their engineers’ daughters was learning guitar. He couldn’t find a sturdy and functional music stand that checked all the boxes, so he enlisted some help from a conductor and designed one on his own.

The resulting stand is both sturdy and stylish. Its solid design makes most other stands feel flimsy and fragile. KraftGeek’s design makes it easy to configure with extra accessories like the Lumi LED Light and Flexy Mount for attaching a phone or tablet. I have no qualms about using the flexible mount with a Pro Max phone in my practice space or a live outdoor setting.

The stand is durable and does not feel too heavy to bring to gigs. No assembly is required, making it easy to use at gigs or move between practice spaces. A KraftGeek gig case is also available, which is as durable as most gig bags.

One of the company’s goals is to make people smile. Having something this neat and functional in my practice space makes my job of practicing more enjoyable. None of the other music stands I own come close to measuring up and are already starting to collect dust.

My only regret is only having one stand. I have to move it back and forth between my guitars and drums. Fortunately, this stand is sturdy and reliable and gives no issue being moved around. They are available in different colours, so I could always get another one.

Appearance and functionality don’t need to be mutually exclusive. The KraftGeek music stand is stylish and durable. Serious musicians will be pleased to use something that looks good and can be used without worrying about failure. I get almost as much joy from my stand as from a new phone. It looks good, and it will last. It will also get a lot of use.

The KraftGeek Music Stand will make an excellent gift for any musician you want to impress with something extraordinary and memorable.

You can order a KraftGeek Music Stand from Amazon, which is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers. You can also order the stand and find more details on KraftGeek’s website. (There are no affiliate links in this review).

KraftGeek Music Stand