Last-minute Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

Christmas Guitar

Here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas – both large and small – for the guitarist in your life! Because if there’s something that guitarists all love, it’s guitar equipment and accessories!

Whatever your guitarist friend or family member’s experience, ability level, musical stylistic tastes, and whatever your budget, you’ll certainly get some great ideas from this list below.

Merry Christmas!

A Capo

A capo is a clip that a guitarist clamps onto their guitar’s neck to change the guitar’s pitch and tuning to suit certain songs. It’s a great, inexpensive little gadget, particularly good for singer-songwriter types or those who accompany singers.

A Tuner

This can take many forms. There are clip-on tuners, which are particularly useful for guitarists who also play banjo / ukulele / bass / mandolin as they can also clip onto these instruments. Then there are tuners in the form of effects pedals – particularly good if your budget is a little higher, or the recipient loves their effects pedal setup (which many guitarists do)!


So useful, because they so often disappear (and have a habit of bouncing out of sight when dropped)! These can be purchased individually, or in little multipacks, and don’t cost a lot. Things like thumb picks can be great for folk and country guitarists or banjo players too.

A Bottleneck Slide

This is a glass or metal tube, based on an old-fashioned bottleneck shape/design. Guitarists sometimes wear them on one of their fingers then slide it along the strings while playing to create a unique, fluid, bluesy sound. If your guitarist recipient loves blues, this is a surefire bet!

A Cable

Specifically a ¼” jack cable. This is the lead that connects an electric guitar to an amplifier. Guitarists always seem to need one. And even if they have one, they always seem to need a spare exactly when they don’t have one!

An Effects Pedal

We’re moving towards the ‘feeling generous’ end of the spectrum now. If they’re an electric guitarist, then an effects pedal is a fantastic gift if you’re looking to spend a little more. They’ll love you forever! (Guitarists are known for their pedal-obsessions). You may need an insider, or a bit of inside knowledge though, to ensure you’re buying something relevant to their tastes and not duplicating one they already own.

A Guitar Stand/Rack

A great choice for those guitarists whose instruments seem to eternally rest on floors and beds and chairs! A guitar stand, or a rack for multiple guitars, or even a set to hang a guitar on the wall, if applicable and appropriate, would be a wonderful gift, and one that keeps the place tidy too!

An Amplifier

Not only the more generous end of things again here, but also another option where some insider knowledge would be very useful. Make sure you find out what kind of amp they might like, what suits their stylistic tastes, and so on. If you don’t have knowledge on this area yourself, ask a trusted friend, or if the gift isn’t a secret surprise gift, grab the guitarist recipient and take them shopping!

A New Guitar

Definitely grab the guitarist and take them shopping for this one! They really won’t mind, that’s for sure!
Happy shopping!