Tip: One Finger Chord Primer Part 7

Welcome back to the One Finger Guitar Chord Primer. In this lesson we’ll learn another two-finger chord shape, and use it to play along with the classic Greensleeves.

Here’s an important note about the media files in the One Finger lessons: many are “zipped” and must be unzipped before you can access them. If you’re a Windows user, you can unzip them with reliable, free programs like Izarc or FreeZip. Windows Vista users can use Windows Explorer to unzip. Mac users can use Zipeg, another free program.

Let’s return to the lesson. Here’s the new two-finger shape.


Play this on strings 1 to 3, on any fret. In fact, you can use most of the shapes in the One Finger series on any starting fret.

Form the new shape by first making the one-finger foundation shape on strings 1-3, then bringing in finger two directly onto string 2, one fret up from the first finger. Don’t let finger two touch strings 1 or 3.

You might be tempted to focus all your attention and efforts on your fingers, but be sure your thumb is in the proper position: pointed up, at right angles to the guitar neck. Use this picture for help.

Thumb on Back

Once you’ve made the shape with your left hand, pluck strings 1 to 3 with your right hand. If you’re not getting all the strings to sound, don’t worry. Fiddle with the shape and give it time. It will come.

Here’s the playalong.

After you download and unzip this file, you can play it in Windows Media Player or the free and lightweight VideoLan player (from VideoLan.org).

Practice playing along with the video until the complete arrangement sounds smooth. Then turn off the video and play the song solo while singing the melody.

Review the other songs you know: Cielito Lindo and Aura Lee.

Remember to take the time to try out different rhythms, related chord shapes, and other ideas that you come up with. Refer to this lesson for help in developing those ideas.

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This first appeared in the Guitar Noise News – February 15, 2008 newsletter. Reprinted with permission.