Tip: One Finger Chord Primer Part 9

Welcome back to the One Finger Guitar Chord Primer. In this lesson we have a play-along to go with the two-finger chord shape we recently learned.

Here’s the two-finger shape.

G chord

Play this on strings 1 to 3, on any fret. In fact, you can use most of the shapes in the One Finger series on any starting fret.

Form the new shape by first making the one-finger foundation shape on strings 1-4 then bringing in finger two directly onto string 3, one fret up from the first finger. Don’t let finger two touch any strings besides three.

Watch the playalong carefully, because the shape just described is used for two different chords. One is played on strings 1 to 3, and the other, strings 2 to 4. The same left-hand shape applies to both chords; you’re only changing the strings your right hand plucks.

Here’s an important note about the following play-along clip, which also pertains to other media files in the One Finger lessons: download them with a right-click, followed by “Save As,” and not a left-click. The following file is “zipped” and must be unzipped before you can access it. If you’re a Windows user, you can unzip with reliable, free programs like Izarc or FreeZip. Windows Vista users can use Windows Explorer to unzip. Mac users can use Zipeg, another free program. I apologize for the inconvenience, which is caused by technical constraints.

After unzipping, play the file with the free and reliable media player VideoLan Media Player, available at VideoLan.org.

And here’s the play-along video.

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This first appeared in the Guitar Noise News – April 1, 2008 newsletter. Reprinted with permission.