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how long, what musi...
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how long, what music, what guitar...

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every now and again when posting we mention how long we have been playing guitars. we mention our guitars and we also bring up music that we want to play on our guitars.

so I thought to start a thread that has it all.

how long, what music and what kind of guitar?

it has been a long time for me. I am trying to remember the exact year. pretty sure it was 1965. I was fourteen. my parents took me to the guitar store and I got my first electric, a Fender Mustang, in blue.
the Beatles and Rolling Stones were pretty much on the radio all the time. the whole English Invasion was full tilt. I liked Manfred Mann but adored the Yardbirds music . "Gloria", by a group called Them (Van Morrison) was popular. I don't think it was the first song I learned. I actually can't remember my first. bummer. in 1966 I was in a band and we played our Junior High School. we had four more gigs and then it was over. the older guy, our bass player, drove us around. he left to jion the army or something. the drummer and I were best friends. we played together until college.


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Good thread DB.

Well, i went to watch oasis in cardiff almost exactly 3 years ago and they were supported by a band called razorlight. i liked their songs and thought "wouldnt it be great to be able to site in front of the radio and play along to their songs", so i borrowed my mums old acoustic and started to learn.

i was 26 at the time and when i told the guys at the pub what i was learning they laughed me out the place and told me i would never stick with it. unfortunatley by this point i was many pints into the evening and reacted by telling them me and some friends from work would play a gig at that pub in 6 weeks (stupid idiot i am).

Anyway, i stuck to the bet and we were rubbish, but kept with it and now gig most weekends.

i bought my first electric from my brother in law - it is a vintage brand les paul copy, and my second electric was bought in the summer. wes inman told me that gibson SG guitars might suit my needs so i bought a copy which had been made out of an old wooden table - i like that quirkiness about it.

i play everyday and cant believe i grew up in a house with a guitar and never even thought about playing!!

oh, and the frist song i learned, "everybody hurts", and then i used davids sitting on the dock of the bay lesson. i think i also remember a lesson here on a song called the 3 marlena's (or something like that), but i cant remember that.

"I like to play that guitar. I have to stare at it while I'm playing it because I'm not very good at playing it."
Noel Gallagher (who took the words right out of my mouth)

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good post Allman. you did what I did, began gigging very early; probably before we knew what we were doing.
maybe that's the best way.


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Ha, I'm the same. I got my first guitar on Christmas day 2007 and did my first gig in July! And I've not stopped doing them since! Its a good thing to get over the nerves I think... although I make LOTS of mistakes... Oh well

I picked up a Guitar because I had always really wanted to but never had the motivation... then I had a very bad year and at the end of it felt like I had nothing to lose... and so decided to try and learn! And have loved every minute of it.

I guess I play acoustic rock... but I don't really like the genre game, I just play what I think sounds good. I tend to try and write my own stuff than doing covers too, but I would eventually like to do some acoustic adaptions of some of my favorite metal songs m/.

My Acoustic is a Yamaha F310... its pretty common, but I love it. And my Electric is a Yamaha Pacifica 112V, AND I just got a Yamaha Digital Piano too! Stick with what you know if you ask me ;). Once I get better and can tell more about guitar quality I will probably switch brands a bit... But I'd rather have a Guitar that I really get on with rather than 10 that I don't.

As stated in my earlier thread, really the sky is the limit, I would love to master the guitar (and piano) in my lifetime so that I can produce the music I want to hear. A bit ambitious maybe... but hey its got me this far :D.



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awesome. you are a new player; starting in 07 and here it's 09.
personally, I think guitars are something like magic carpets.
I love it when I find myself feeling separated from the world
and feeling in touch with everything when I play my acoustic.


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I also got my first guitar and amp in 1966. I took lessons for a year or so and then lost interest because of a new teacher. We didn't seem to have the same taste in music, and like a dope I quit. I started back up in about 1970 because I lived with a band. I played with them now and then for a year or so and then sold the guitar and never played again until 2003. That's when I turned 50 and decided to play again. I have been taking lessons for about 3 years now and kick myself for ever putting it down.
I enjoy Clapton style songs the most. I play a lot of the 70's because I was a part of it I guess. I enjoy taking songs my grandkids like and playing them on my acoustic. Saving Abels addicted or Puddle of Muds Psycho is great unplugged.
I am 55 now and using the guitar to stay as young as possible. They say it helps to keep one sharp. I need all the help I can get.

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I started playing in late May early June in the year of 2007. I wanted to learn so I could atempt to become a "super star" but I fell in love with it when my Dad showed me my first chords and kept at it and becoming a star didint matter.
I never really took any lessons I was going to take some from the youth worship leader and both of the lessons I toke were to see if he could teach me anything and at the end of the second lesson he said to me that there was nothing he could teach me b/c I was to advanced for the kind of stuff he tought.

I played more Country when I was starting out and in the past year I have gotten in to "Rock and Roll" and more recently Bules(mostly stuff like Eric Clapton.) although I still play a bit Country

I have had 6 diffrent guitars come and 4 of them go. As of now I have a Epi PR-150 acoustic and a Squier VMS Thinline Tele.

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OK deep breath.....

Got my first guitar back in about '73, a no-name nylon strung classical. I'd wanted a guitar since I first heard the Beatles, took me about ten years to persuade my mum to buy me one. Left school not long after that - didn't take me long to get my first electric, a red SG clone. Didn't know much about guitars then, I just liked the colour and shape. Didn't get very far - gave up too easily.

Couple of years later, I changed jobs - and one of the guys I worked with was a pretty decent guitarist. I'd got rid of both my guitars by then - so I bought a new electric. Really can't remember what it was, just a generic vaguely strat-shaped electric. Another friend got a bass, so we jammed together a few times.

Then - got engaged, got married, kids came along....didn't have much time for guitar. Still had that electric, though - took it out every now and then and had a bit of a noodle on it.

Got made redundant. Treated myself to a nice electric - a top-of-the-range Epi LP. Beautiful guitar, figured I'd have spare time to learn properly - there weren't many jobs about back in the mid 80's. Got divorced. Sold guitar and amp - was totally broke and living in the Salvation Army. Yeuch, a definite low point.

Met someone else. Things picked up a little; got a new job, got married. You'd have thought I'd have listened to Ian Hunter - "Once Bitten Twice Shy" - but no, not me, glutton for punishment. Bought a new electric, but never seemed to have much time to play it. Then I got divorced and became a single parent.......

Didn't even own a guitar for years. Wasn't till my daughter was about 10 that I picked one up again - her best mate at school had got a guitar, so of course the daughter had to have one. Got her a fairly cheap acoustic - by which time her mate had moved on to keys. So I kind of inherited the acoustic by default...

Met someone else. By this time I could string a few chords together; so she bought me a nice acoustic. Then I got an electric out of my step-daughter's catalogue - Squier Strat. Nice guitar, I thought it was about time I learned to play properly. So I googled "online guitar lessons" and found a site called Guitarnoise....

That was just over five years ago. Since then I've bought - and sold - an Encore acoustic, a yamaha acoustic, a 12-string, A freshman bass, an Epi LP and sold that Squier Strat. I bought a Squier Tele, then a Fender Tele - in between those, bought a nice acoustic off a certain N. Torres. Still have all those.

The music? Well, way back when I got my first guitar, I bought the Beatles Complete songbook. Later, I bought a CCR greatest hits songbook - picked up other songs as I learned. Music's always been a big thing with me - the first bands I loved were the Beatles, The Stones, The Hollies, Manfred Mann, The Kinks; later, CCR and Dylan. After that more rock music - Nazareth, Led Zep, Mott, Lou Reed. Rock music's my first love - but I also love old rock n roll, sixties soul - just about any rock-based music that's got plenty of guitar in it.

The present? Getting better as a guitarist all the time...also play a little keys, bass, harmonica. Write a lot of songs.

The future? Hoping to get a new bass very shortly - then I'm going to get busy recording these songs. That could take a while!

Well - you asked........

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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In about a week it will be 1 year for me. I wanted to learn to play for a few reasons:

1.) Stress Release -- If I can play a nice piece of music I can just listen to the music and not concentrate on playing.
2.) Be Creative -- I feel that there isn't enough creativity in my job and in general at home, and this gives me an outlet.
3.) Instill a Sense of Music on my Son -- I wanted to be able to pass along music to my son, especially since it's proven that kids who play music have better thinking skills, reading skills, teaches discipline and can give a good sense of accomplishment. (Of course he's only 1, but hey, never to early to start him listening, and even banging on my keyboard. Any good tips on cleaning between the keys, he decided to spit up everything onto it when he was banging :lol: :lol: )

Started with a Stagg 3/4 size, but then got an Epiphone PRE-4, and now on to a Washburn D10-SCE (which I'm definatley hanging on to).

Also have a Squire Bulletcaster Electric (Played like 1 time I think, electric just isn't my thing I guess)

Ibanez AEG10NT classical.

I generally like to play country music, but have been getting into fingerstyle a bit with pop/country songs, and Final Fantasy music.

In Space, no one can hear me sing!

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I've been playing for 5 years, but it's filled with extended breaks. I'm calling it 3 years. I did take a group lesson back in the late 70's. I think we got there late and was totally lost. Mom took it with me. She decided on the way home that it was too much hassle and that I was not ready. (she might have been right.....I was lost)

Sooooooo, fast forward 25 years and I'm getting the itch again. I picked up a Yamaha wholesale club special and went about trying to learn some chords. I ended up buying an Ibanez a couple of months later. The wholesale club guitar sucked. fretting a C or an Am went from a 10-15 second afair to "instant" as soon as the salesman at GC yanked it down from the wall. That's why I call it my start guitar. (fast forward for a moment. 4 years later and setting it up the best I could, it STILL sucked. Traded it in for $50 and put that towards a nifty used ESP)

For various legit and non-legit reasons, I took too many long breaks. I've been playing steady now for almost two years, though. I've got it into my life now instead of the secondary thought of "hey, why don't I play some guitar....." mentality.

I've got too many guitars. I'll list at the end. That Ibanez is still one of my favorites. Worth mentioning is that I have 3 guitar playing stations around the house with different set ups. I've got the one in the office with my Boss GT-10 hooked up to a Fender solid state 30. I've got the downstairs family room set-up that consists of the Fender Super Champ that I got when it came out. (Man, I wish that had a 12-inch speaker) and the bonus room above the garage has all the other gear sitting right beside my recliner.

As far as music I play, it's mostly lighter Rock and some blues. An ear problem has me steered away from fully utilizing my gear for harder Rock, but I am set up for whenever the day comes that I can do it. I have been fiddling with some low volume "dirty" tones and found something I can live with, so I might be able to get a head start.

As far as what I can do on the guitar, it's mainly rhythm pretty decent with open chords and have learned a ton of songs that I can play and sing (poorly). I can do barre chords almost up to perfect speed, although the "A" shaped chords sound like hell. That, and one verse of Sultans Of Swing leaves me cramping. (I looked at all the articles and pictures and that all looks good. Must be squeexing too tight.) I do almost no lead, but that will probably change real soon because of that low volume dirty tone I came up with. Same thing with power chords.

"I wonder if a composer ever intentionally composed a piece that was physically impossible to play and stuck it away to be found years later after his death, knowing it would forever drive perfectionist musicians crazy." - George Carlin

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great posts everybody. lots of drama and happy endings.
wow, three marriages and several playing stations.


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Wow what a good thread!

My story is not nearly as exiting as you other guys.

I really got into enjoying listening to music during the sixties. As I've said many times on various GN forum threads it was the Beatles that really got me interested from when they first appeared on TV and Radio. They just turned popular music right around! Then I started investigating their influences eg Chuck Berry & the early R&B and Soul music, Buddy Holly etc etc. Really got into 1940's swing music and British Folk music eg Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra & The Spinners (British Folk Band) etc during the late 60's and early 70's.

Also started to be turned on (No drugs on my part though!) by the post Hippy influenced country rock that came out of San Fransisco & LA. eg Crosby Stills Nash & Young. James Taylor, and later The Eagles. Also big influence to me "America" who although American hailed from the uk recording with producer George Martin. I could go on and on with music and bands I have loved since then!!

Bought my first guitar for about £7 from a local record shop in 1970 (I was aged aged 17 then) It was a steel string acoustic plus a Bert Weedon tutor book. As you all know I'm hoplessly left handed and the guitar was right handed. Had the devil's own job trying to play. Couldn't sight read music then and still can't. I gave up after a few months I couldn't even tune it properly (No electronic tuners then). Never even crossed my mind to restring the damn thing left handed!

Anyway, social life, girl friends, wife, morgage, children followed in a strangely ordered fashion over the coming years.

Fast forward to 2002 (aged 49)! Had this strange longing to take up guitar again. My wife bless her bought me an Epiphone Gibson LEFT HANDED acoustic for Christmas. Complete surprise! I didn't dare ask what she spent on it.

I was determined this time to have another go at guitar and in the spring 2004 found Guitarnoise on line. Started David Hodges lessons and looked up tabs & chords to the songs by the bands I loved on the internet too. It's been a long road and I'm still not great at it but I love playing.

I'd like an electric Fender Strat or an Epiphone 335 (which would probably end up being copies) I am toying with getting a left handed guitar building kit which I've seen on ebay recently. And building my own guitar. We'll see eh.

All the best,


The guitar is all right John but you'll never make a living out of it! (John Lennon's Aunt Mimi)

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Great thread!

I got my first guitar... I'm not sure, probably it was around 1978. I was a teenager and my school had some extra activities, one of them was playing guitar. The guitar was a Spanish nylon guitar, a Ramírez. I keep the guitar with me although I don't play it usually. The neck is slightly broken near to the tuning pegs and I have a great feeling about it.

The music was selected by the teacher and as there were other string instruments (bandurrias and laúdes) we mainly played Spanish traditional songs and some famous orchestral songs arranged for guitar (the worst styles for a teenager). I tried to learn some Beatles' songs and other pop and rock songs by myself with the help of books and friends.

Mainly the incompatibility with my teacher and his teaching system and also some other issues did I put the guitar in the closet.

Three summers ago, while I was in Lisbon watching some fado, I remembered all the fun I got with the guitar (and also with other instruments during my break) and I decided I'd picked up my guitar again when I returned to Madrid.

I did it and I play one of my instruments every day (if my job and the other activities allow it). Currently I am exploring new dimensions with the bass but I keep playing and having fun with 6 string guitars, too.

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How Long?

Really been playing in earnest since May of 2004. I picked it up and put it down for a few brief periods earlier in my life but never stick with it until- geez, has it been almost five years already? Started playing in the church choir - Thanksgiving Day of '04 was the first time- and now I'm directing the choir (by default, all the other musicians dropped out). Started writing songs about a year ago- have about a dozen. Spent two years taking lead guitar lessons but had no real opportunity to apply it- found it hard to find folks to play with regularly, so I recently decisded to go the solo guitar/vocalist route. Took me a while to put the guitar and vocals together, but now I am gearing up to start giging.

What Music?

Falls in four categories- "Trop Rock" (Jimmy Buffett and the like), Americana (which I've just got into over the past year), Classic Rock, and my originals. I specialize in songs with witty or humourous lyrics. Buffett and John Prine are primary influences.

What Guitar?

First was a Suzuki (I don't evemn think they make guitars anymore) I bought my senior year of college. Still have that one sotting on a stand in my den so it's witin arm's reach when I'm watching TV or whatever. My main acoustic now is a Dean Key Largo- beautiful blue guitar with lots of detailed mother of pearl and abalone inlay. Goes well with the trop music, and sounds great. Also have an Epi LP electric, but I don't play electric very much at all these days.



"Growing Older But Not UP!"

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wow, three marriages....

And three divorces....but hey, don't knock it. The good times AND the bad times from those three marriages - and other relationships - have given me LOTS of songwriting inspiration over the years. Marriage? Divorce? Just a means to an end if you're an aspiring songwriter..... :idea: :idea: :idea: ....back later, got a song to write.....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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