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Telecaster mod

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I am considering making some changes to my Squire Affinity Tele. I love the way it plays but dislike the sound of the lipstick neck pickup. I have been thinking about keeping the angled single coil and stock bridge, but replacing the neck pickup with a mini humbucker or double hot rail, and adding the same in the middle, and a 5 way switch. Any constructive suggestions or comments. Anyone ever done this or something similar?

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Sounds like a fun project for your Squier Affinity Tele! Replacing the neck pickup with a mini humbucker or hot rail is a great way to add more power and output. Adding a middle pickup and a 5-way switch will further expand your tonal options.
This kind of mod is fairly common. You'll find many resources online with wiring diagrams and video tutorials to guide you through the process. Just be sure to measure your pickup cavities to ensure compatibility with the new pickups you choose. Consider pre-wired pickguard assemblies to simplify the wiring aspect if you're not comfortable soldering.

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