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⭐️ Yamaha ERG121 ⭐️very low volume problem, Help! ⭐️

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Hi I'd really appreciate some help with getting my Yamaha ERG121 playing right.

Bought s/h and hasn't been used in a while.

Problem is the volume stays really low so the amp needs to go right up causing loads of buzzing.

The condition in general is excellent, I've looked at the internal wiring and it all looks solid and matches the wiring diagram linked below, from what I can see.

The plug input was a bit corroded so cleaned that all up fine.
The 5 way switch seems to work
Volume works
Tone works

I just don't know how to narrow down what the problem is.

Can someone give me help or advice, or point me to some help please

This appears to be the wiring for the model and it appears unaltered-


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First make sure the amp and cord work right.

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