Playing Live FAQ

Playing guitar live

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been playing guitar for a while, there are all sorts of things to consider when playing live music in front of others. If you think one day you’ll be playing guitar in front of other people, do yourself a favor and check out our lessons on Performing and Playing Live.

  • Have you tried to post on college boards? There may be some amateur musicians in school that would be willing to jam. I know that’s how I played in college (some years ago!). The other good resource is a music school that teaches guitar lessons, drum lessons, etc. Students are usually encouraged to play in some kind of ensemble, so jams can be arranged with them through teachers. I’ve found that to be a great resource for me.

    I understand about being wary of unsavory types; always a concern. I’ve usually found most musicians to be pretty mellow, but I agree, you should be careful. Staying with schools to post (as opposed to music or cd stores) is one filter for stalker types.

    Have you tried posting on the Guitar Noise Gigs and Jams Forum? You may get some responses there.

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