All of Me

Hello Guitar Students!

This is a bouncy two-step song…very fun! But, it will take a lot of work to get it to groove. It’s worth it! First goal is to play the melody below and get it into your head:

All of Me melody line 1
All of Me melody line 2
All of Me melody line 3
All of Me melody line 4

The guitar arrangement is very “straight forward.” Therefore, change it around to fit your playing style. As long as it sounds good…do it.

All of Me Arpeggio 1
All of Me Arpeggio 2
All of Me Arpeggio 3
All of Me Arpeggio 4
All of Me Arpeggio 5
All of Me Arpeggio 6
All of Me Arpeggio 7
All of Me Arpeggio 8

There are some odd chord fingerings, so I’ve provided a chord chart with references to the measures of the song:

Chords 1
Chords 2
Chords 3
Chords 4

Once you get the song into your head and fingers, experiment with different tempos. You will then find a tempo where the song sounds best with your style.

Remember that chords belong to three main categories: major, minor and dominant. I altered some chords so I could fit the melody and still keep the integrity of the song. Try it…your ears will tell you when you go too far.


Listen to the midi file or listen to me play it (MP3 of full song with extra goodies!)