Funky Monkey Blues

Hi Guitar Noise Players!

Let’s get funky! It’s always fun writing a little ditty for the Guitar Noise readers and conversing over these songs. Here is an intermediate fingerstyle song that incorporates a basic rhythmic bass line and a “click” sound (those are the x’s on the guitar Notation+TAB). Some folks call it “string muting” and some “choking,” but whatever your take on it, this combination of bass and clicking will help you create a quasi-blues feel. Take a listen to the audio on this page and you will know what I’m talking about.

There are only three chords in this tune. I personally feel that you will be able to figure out the fingering to the chord forms. The click sound is made by tapping your fingers onto the strings (which slap a little against the fretboard). The tap is on beat four. This helps to create a percussive “back beat” for your song.

Download Funky Monkey Blues

The riffs are based off the A minor blues scale and need to be played within the rhythmic framework. In other words – you should keep the tempo and/or feel of the song consistent. I slowed down the last riff to bring the song to an end. You’ve certainly heard this popular technique used in many songs you know.

You can keep the rhythm and substitute your own riffs …this is lots of fun! With all this said, take a listen to the recording, give it a try, and see what happens!

If you would like a video of me playing this song – just e-mail me at [email protected]