Waterfalls – A Sweet Little Finger-style Song

Hello Gutrar Noise Friends! I bet you thought I fell off the planet!

Nope… I accidentally let my Domain Name expire and someone purchased it before I could buy it back. Thus, this person or corporation is using my name and IT’S NOT ME. Please be aware! At this point you can e-mail me at [email protected]

Enough said, let’s play!

I wrote a somewhat easy finger-style song for you this time. You will need to lower your 6th string to a “D”. This is called Drop D Tuning. Thus, the Bass strings are D(6)-A(5)-D(4). This makes it easy to create a nifty bass line for the chord “D” without fingering any strings. They can ring together while you’re playing on the treble strings 1-2-3. This song takes full advantage of this opportunity. Be sure to pluck the bass strings with only your thumb. It will sound better.

Download Song Transcription

Before trying this one, take a listen to the MP3 link on this page. Remember to “right click” on it and use the “save target as” selection. This way you can download the MP3 to your computer and read it while you look at the lesson online.

Most of the finger-picking in Waterfalls is done with your thumb, index, and middle finger. There is a point where you will probably use your ring finger. This is at the end of each of the first three measures on the second line of the song. I’m assuming you know what repeat signs are (the fat/skinny lines with the two dots). If not, be sure to repeat the sections that are between them. When you listen to the MP3 while looking at the music, you will know what I mean.

I think that about covers it. You will need to give it a try! If you would like a Quicktime Video of me playing this song, e-mail me and just ask! I’ll e-mail one your way.

Have Fun!