Newsletter Vol. 1 # 1 – January 05, 2001

Dear Guitar Player,

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Guitar Noise update of 2001. Whether you are one of those people who makes New Year’s resolutions or not, we would like to invite you to make 2001 “the year you make contact with your guitar.”

New lessons

Changing Bad Habits – Guitar Principles by Jamie Andreas
I am always trying to convey to people that if you have tried to learn the guitar and failed, it is not you, it is the approach to it all that is at fault. If you are stuck at a certain level of development, it is not you, it is your approach that is keeping you there. Change the approach, and you will create different results.

Networking – Songwriting by A-J Charron
Nobody makes it by themselves. Nobody ever has, nobody ever will. Part of the process as a songwriter is to network and meet the right people. Even if all you want to do is have others perform your songs, they won’t do it if they don’t know you exist.

Site Updates

New Discussion Groups

We have been working hard to make more user-driven pages where you can control the content and flow of information. This week seven new forums went live to accompany our popular Guitar Player Forum. The new forums consist of: Bass Bass Players Forum, Songwriters Forum, Sound Engineering Forum, Gear Review Forum, Beginners Forum, Jamming Forum and a General Discussion Forum. Each room will be moderated and maintained by one of our expert music guides and teachers. You can find descriptions of each forum and start joining discussions now on the Guitar Forums.

New Sites

Find these new sites on Guitar Noise this week:

  • 100 Greatest Guitar Solos – Check out the top 100 guitar solos of all time, according to Guitar World magazine reader’s poll, and find the tab for each solo. If you haven’t seen this feature in a while, it’s been given a make-over, with new graphics and all links verified.


Jamie Andreas, creator of The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar, will be having a guitar workshop in the Philadelphia area on the 13th of January, as well as one in Washington, D.C., the date of which has yet to be announced. If you want to remove your obstacles to progress on the guitar, this workshop is for you. For all levels, beginner to advanced, as well as for all styles of playing. To view highlights from Jamie’s New York workshop, and to find out how to join Jamie in a workshop in your area, check out: Guitar Principles


Paul Hackett
Executive Producer