Newsletter Vol. 1 # 7 – February 16, 2001

Dear Guitar Player,

Welcome to Guitar Noise News, the weekly update for Guitar Noise. Aside from being beleaguered with “Anna Photo Viruses” additional computer problems have made this week’s newsletter a bit smaller than usual. It may also be delivered to your Inbox a little later than usual this week.

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For all those with a preference for text we will be adding a scaled down version of this newsletter in the coming weeks. It will contain the same news and information but will not include the enhanced features. This is a necessary step for us given the large amount of AOL subscribers who cannot fully enjoy this newsletter. Keep an eye on our home page for when this new format becomes available.

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New Lessons

Home On Your Range – Guitar Column
by David Hodge (13 Feb 2001)
Whether or not you realize it, you yourself may be one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to songwriting. Think about how you go about writing – especially if you’re one of those “let’s strum around and see what comes up” sort of folks. Chances are you pick up your guitar and the first chord you play will be an E, A, C, D or G. Unless, of course, you happen to be in a mad, sad or bad frame of mind and then you pound out an Em or an Am.

Recommended Reading

In a few days the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards Show will be taking place. If you are looking for transcriptions for any of the nominees be sure to check out SheetMusic Plus and click GRAMMY Award Nominees. As our recommendation this week we have chosen the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication which is nominated for best rock performance.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
This exceptional 184-page songbook features transcriptions in notes and tab of all the parts for all the songs – John Frusciante’s guitar licks, Flea’s bass lines, Chad Smith’s drum work and Anthony Kiedis’ vocals – from the Peppers’ huge hit album. Includes: Around the World * Californication * Easily * Get on Top * I Like Dirt * Otherside * Right on Time * Scar Tissue * and 7 more!

New Sites

This week we just want to tell you about one new feature:

  • Easy Song Tabs Of The 70s – Despite popular belief, some very good music came out of the 1970s. This week, we’ll focus on easy songs to play from the 1970s (don’t worry… no disco). You’ll find guitar tablature, lyrics, and album information for each song spotlighted.


Paul Hackett
Executive Producer