A Triggering Myth – A Remedy of Abstraction

Now here is an interesting instrumental disc. Before hearing A Remedy of Abstraction I was unfamiliar with this project. Come to find out, Rick Eddy (Keyboards and guitar) and Tim Drumheller (keyboards) have been collaborating together for quite some time. In fact, this is Triggering Myth’s sixth release.

Eddy and Drumheller are united with the jazz/fusion outfit, McGill Manring Stevens, on this disc for some intense collaboration. The music would best be described as progressive rock meets fusion. Listeners of Soft Machine would surely find A Remedy of Abstraction fits in with their tastes in music. Although there are many influences that I could hear including Gentle Giant and other progressive bands from the same era.

If you can imagine these influences dowsed with fusion in the style of Dixie Dregs or for that matter, McGill Manring Stevens, you will have a fair idea of what to expect.

A Triggering Myth are also joined by a superb violinist, by the name of Akihisa Tsuboy of Japan’s progressive fusion group, KBB. The moments featuring violin on this disc are, in my opinion, the most memorable. I’ve always been a huge fan of guitar, bass, drums with 2 keyboards and violin combination. I can’t tell a lie -these passages sound a lot like Kansas but again with more fusion as icing.

This is definitely a disc worth checking out if you are either a fan of early 70’s progressive rock or a fan of McGill Manring Stevens. If you are a fan of both -you must have this CD in you rack.