Ahmond – A Boy You Once Knew

Who? Ahmond has worked in movies (including “Having Our Say”), commercials and as a songwriter for an Atlanta theatre group. This is his debut album

Any good? This is very unusual material. Title Track “A Boy You Once Knew” features fingerpicked guitar lines, understated piano and some mellow string lines. The rhythmic qualities of “Go To Africa” will work their way into your head and soon have you tapping along. “Thundershoes” is superb, the simple guitar line reminiscent of “Hero” by Enrique Inglesias, and this is the standout track. Or is it? “Those Darn Things” opens like a show tune but once the guitar kicks in it has more hooks than a fishing trip and you’ll be singing along before you know it. This is a standout track too; it”˜s a hard decision to pick just one. “Everything Eden” reminded me of “Dear Jessie” from Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” album, not because of any huge similarity in the vocal lines but by the well-balanced use of strings. Closing instrumental “Collision” is used on the HBO series “Rome.” As you’d expect from his stage training, Ahmond’s vocals are crystal clear. The cover artwork (reproduced on his website) is excellent.

Try before you buy? http://www.myspace.com/ahmondband Turn the volume up loud

Cash in your pocket? The regular sources – iTunes, Amazon, Napster and others. Access from Ahmond’s website www.ahmond.com